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Your driver's license is in jeopardy with a DUI charge

Some people in Maryland may not think that a DUI charge is a big deal. After all, most DUI charges are misdemeanors, at least for first-time offenders, right? So, perhaps they think, what's the worst that could happen? A term of probation? A "slap on the wrist?" It is a mistake to think of DUI charges like this. Besides a criminal conviction and a restriction of liberty, you may be facing a consequence that has an even greater impact, for an even longer period of time: a driver's license suspension.

Exploring your criminal defense options

When Maryland residents are sitting in a jail cell in handcuffs, quite a number of thoughts are probably going through their heads. The immediate aftermath of an arrest can make anyone's head swim with thoughts and emotions. But, keeping a level-head could be the key to addressing your criminal case in a way that ends in a result that isn't the worst-case scenario.

Major crackdown in Maryland and Virginia results in 28 arrests

From the news we see these days, many people probably think that there is a nationwide crackdown on crime occurring throughout the country, especially drug-related crimes. Well, while it may be true that some leaders of state and federal agencies are doing everything they can to stamp out crime, gangs and drug rings, it is important to remember that anyone who is arrested in America has constitutional rights.

Understanding the consequences of a gun possession charge

One of the most prominent and well-known constitutional rights in America is the right to bear arms. However, this right is not without many significant restrictions. Maryland residents should know that if they are accused of violating any gun laws in Maryland, including gun possession laws, they may face some very significant consequences.

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