Teacher arrested in Maryland on drug charges

Teacher arrested in Maryland on drug charges

| Nov 23, 2017 | Felonies |

There are certain types of criminal allegations that have a high amount of “shock value” when you see them in the news. One recent report was an example: a teacher arrested for allegedly selling drugs at a school in Maryland.

According to the report, the suspect, a 51-year-old special education teacher, worked at the school where she was arrested for 17 years. The criminal charges she faces are for the distribution and possession of heroin. The report indicates that while the suspect is alleged to have sold the illegal drugs on school grounds, there are no indications that she sold any drugs to students or teachers at the school. In addition to heroin, the report states that oxycodone was found in the teacher’s vehicle as well. Her vehicle also had approximately $3,000 in it.

Law enforcement officials were reportedly tipped off about the teacher’s alleged conduct by a former drug user who revealed that the teacher was his source for illegal drugs. The ensuing investigation by law enforcement officials reportedly revealed that the teacher was selling drugs at the school, as well as several other locations.

For this suspect, it is time to begin crafting a criminal defense strategy for these drug crimes. In some cases, the best option is to take the case all the way to a jury trial. But, in other cases, it can be a good idea to explore plea negotiations with the prosecution. It all depends on how strong the prosecution’s evidence is and how they obtained that evidence.

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