How can you craft a strategy to defend against criminal charges?

How can you craft a strategy to defend against criminal charges?

| Nov 16, 2017 | Criminal Defense |

Maryland residents who are facing criminal charges probably all think one thought at some point early in the case: What do I do now? The charges could be misdemeanors charges all the way up to felonies and murder – all the same, defendants will need to come up with a strategy for their defense in the case. So, how can you craft a sound strategy to defend against criminal charges in Maryland?


For starters, criminal defendants need to realize that the burden is on the prosecution to prove the case. The burden is not on a defendant to prove their innocence. Since that is the case, perhaps the most important part of planning a criminal defense strategy is to conduct a careful review of the prosecution’s evidence, and then go to work on attacking the validity or credibility of that evidence.

Next, the vast majority of criminal defendants will be represented by a lawyer. Together, the defendant and the lawyer will put the pieces of the criminal defense strategy in place. So, it is important for defendants to be open and honest with their lawyer, in order for the lawyer to be the most effective advocate possible.

Lastly, defendants should think of their plans for the case if it actually reaches the jury trial phase. Is it best to stay silent, as criminal defendants are constitutionally allowed to do? Should the defendant just go ahead and speak up to tell the truth about what happened? Or, is there another explanation for the situation that led to the criminal charges? Maryland residents who are facing criminal charges need to put the time and effort into crafting a sound criminal defense strategy.

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