Facing accusations of violent crimes

Facing accusations of violent crimes

| Nov 10, 2017 | Violent Crimes |

There are many different types of crimes that carry a stigma for defendants: rape, homicide, robbery and other violent crimes, for example. When defendants are convicted of these types of crimes, the conviction will be on their “record” for everyone to see, and the results can be difficult to overcome, even after the defendant serves a prison sentence to “pay” for the crime. Defendants who are facing accusations of having committed violent crimes in Maryland need to have a plan for their defense strategy.

However, it isn’t easy to plan a criminal defense strategy when facing violent crime charges. In most of these types of cases, there will be a victim who can potentially identify the alleged perpetrator and testify in detail as to the crime that was allegedly committed. There may be physical evidence as well, such as blood on clothing or any weapons that may have been involved. And, these types of charges can be high-level felonies, so the prosecutors who are assigned to these cases are usually very experienced.

Fortunately, every criminal defendant is entitled to a presumption of innocence. The burden is on the prosecution to prove every element of the crime charged. And, the burden to meet – “beyond a reasonable doubt” – is a high burden, indeed.

At our law firm, we represent Maryland residents who are facing the most serious of criminal charges. We know that proving each element of a crime isn’t always easy, and sometimes evidence that is presented isn’t persuasive. For more information about how our law firm helps Maryland residents who are facing violent crime charges, please visit our website.