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Legal consequences of a DUI or DWI in Maryland

Looking at the statistics on traffic fatalities in Maryland reveals that the number of alcohol-related deaths is declining. Those in the state legislature continue to review the data and, in response, enact or amend laws that levy serious penalties for those convicted of a DUI or DWI.

Traffic stop leads to weapons charges for Maryland man

Ask anyone who works as part of the criminal justice system - prosecutors, public defenders and judges alike - and they will tell you that one of the primary sources of criminal charges arises from traffic stops. A police officer may stop a citizen for something as simple as a broken taillight, but then notice something even more serious once contact is made with the driver: an odor of alcohol or marijuana; a check revealing an open warrant; or perhaps a weapon is in plain sight in the vehicle. It seems that there are many things that can go wrong during a traffic stop.

What should you know about burglary charges in Maryland?

Of all of the felony charges that people can face in Maryland, burglary is one of the more common. Burglary, which is often confused with theft and robbery charges, involves the act of breaking into a home or other structure, with the intent to commit a felony inside. Contrary to popular belief, the crime that is intended to be committed inside doesn't have to be theft - it could be any type of felony, including assault or rape, for instance.

Understand your rights when charged with violent crimes

When Maryland residents are facing violent crime charges, they know the matter is serious. Violent crime charges, such as rape, aggravated assault, robbery and murder, are some of the most severe charges that anyone can face. The consequences upon conviction - if it comes to that - can be many years lost in state or federal prison.

An overview of field sobriety tests

Thousands of Maryland residents are arrested each year on driving while intoxicated charges. The slightest road violation - failure to use a turn signal, a busted taillight or crossing the centerline - could lead to a traffic stop, which could then turn into a DUI investigation. When a police officer smells alcohol on a driver, one of the first steps is to start conducting field sobriety tests.

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