Be prepared at every step of your criminal case

Be prepared at every step of your criminal case

| Sep 14, 2017 | Criminal Defense |

Most of our readers likely think that a criminal case begins with an arrest. In most cases, this is accurate. But, in other cases, extensive investigations may be occurring behind the scenes before an arrest is ever made. Searches may be conducted and law enforcement officials may conduct interviews with alleged victims and potential suspects. In every criminal case, there are several steps before a conclusion is reached.

For Maryland residents who are the focus of a criminal investigation or who have been arrested for an alleged crime, it is important to be prepared at every step of your criminal case. In the immediate aftermath of an arrest, the most important question isn’t necessarily in regard to guilt or innocence – it is whether or not the court will grant the defendant the opportunity to post bond and be released while the case is pending.

From there, the state is obligated to turn over the evidence it will seek to use to prove the elements of the crime that the defendant has been charged with. It is important to review this information in great detail, as there could be a turning point in the evidence that can make or break the case.

At our law firm, we understand that these preliminary stages of the case can be just as important as the presentation of evidence to a jury. For some defendants, an opportunity could exist to get evidence suppressed. For others, conflicting accounts of the incident may provide an opportunity to impeach a witness who testifies in the case. At our law firm, we work with our clients to attempt to provide the best criminal defense strategy we can. For more information, please visit our law firm’s website.