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September 2017 Archives

38-year-old man arrested on gun and drug charges

One way that law enforcement officials will attempt to make arrests in drug cases is to compile enough evidence to convince a judge to sign a search warrant for a residence. Once the law enforcement officials have the search warrant in hand, they can wait and attempt to serve the warrant at the best possible opportunity to construct a strong case. That appears to be what occurred in nearby Annapolis, as a tactical narcotics team served a warrant at about 6 pm on September 14, reportedly leading to one arrest and the seizure of multiple guns and various drugs.

How should you approach plea negotiations in your case?

When Maryland residents face allegations of criminal conduct, they are smart to consider all of their options. Various criminal charges will leave defendants with different options. For instance, the right approach to a drug crime might not be the same as the right approach to a violent crime charge. But, in any case, there will likely come a point when it is time to consider the pros and cons of negotiating a plea deal and pleading guilty. So, how should you approach this stage of your criminal case?

Domestic assault in Maryland

Domestic violence is a pretty hot topic in the news these days. It seems as if society is finally beginning to realize just how serious this crime is and, unfortunately, how pervasive it is in America, including in Maryland. This is a good turn of events, but, at the same time, it is important to remember that anyone who is accused of committing domestic assault in Maryland has the constitutional right to defend themselves. Why is this important? Because not every arrest results in a conviction.

Alleged "road rage" incident leads to attempted murder charge

Most of our readers have probably seen reports about "road rage" incidents that have occurred over the last several years. In some cases, the reports indicate incidents of side-swiping or other contact between vehicles, leading to accidents. In other cases, there have been reports of weapons being brandished and even shots being fired. That was the case in a recent incident, according to reports.

Be prepared at every step of your criminal case

Most of our readers likely think that a criminal case begins with an arrest. In most cases, this is accurate. But, in other cases, extensive investigations may be occurring behind the scenes before an arrest is ever made. Searches may be conducted and law enforcement officials may conduct interviews with alleged victims and potential suspects. In every criminal case, there are several steps before a conclusion is reached.

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