What are the varying degrees of rape charges in Maryland?

What are the varying degrees of rape charges in Maryland?

| Aug 3, 2017 | Violent Crimes |

There is no question that of all the crimes a person can be charged with in Maryland, rape is one of the most serious. When Maryland residents face these charges not only are they going to face determined and meticulous efforts on the part of the prosecution, but they will also likely be dealing with a significant, negative public perception, as sex-based crimes are among the worst that society has categorized.

So, what are the varying degrees of rape charges in Maryland? Well, the most significant is first-degree rape, which, if the accused is convicted, could result in a life sentence. First-degree rape charges include allegations of the use of weapons during the commission of the offense or that the attack resulted in serious injuries to the alleged victim.

There is also a second-degree level of rape charges in Maryland. A conviction on a charge of second-degree rape could lead to a prison sentence of up to 20 years. Second-degree rape charges include allegations of incapacity on the victim’s part, or that the alleged victim is under the age of 14 and the defendant is more than four years older than the alleged victim.

When Maryland residents face rape charges, they could be looking at certain mandatory sentences upon conviction. But, in some cases, defendants may not be without hope. Every defendant has a right to present a criminal defense in front of a jury of peers. If you did not commit the crime you were charged with, a strong criminal defense strategy may be your best path toward regaining your freedom.

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