How can you defend against homicide charges?

How can you defend against homicide charges?

| Aug 23, 2017 | Violent Crimes |

When Maryland residents are facing homicide charges, they might feel like they have no options. After all, many people think that there is most likely a mountain of evidence against people who are charged with homicide because the prosecution wouldn’t pursue the case if it wasn’t sure a conviction would result. However, every criminal defendant has legal options.

So, how can Maryland residents defend themselves against homicide charges? Well, obviously every case is unique, but there are some common defense options. For instance, the first and foremost thought in many of these cases is for the defendant to negotiate a plea bargain on lesser charges – and a lesser sentence. But, if the defendant wants to fight the case, there are other options.

What if this is a case of mistaken identity? How a suspect is identified is important in every criminal case, but none more so than in a homicide case. Who saw the suspect commit the crime? Are there eyewitnesses? Are those eyewitnesses reliable? Is there video footage? Can the defendant prove that they were somewhere else or with someone else at the time the crime occurred? All of these factors need to be considered. Or, if the defendant admits to killing the victim, was it a justifiable homicide? Was it self-defense? A defendant could use this defense option to show that the killing was necessary because of the circumstances and the actions of the alleged victim.

Lastly, was the killing an accident? While this may still result in criminal charges, the charges might be less severe than a homicide charge. If you are facing criminal charges, it may be in your best interest to contact an attorney to discuss your defense strategy.