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August 2017 Archives

How can you defend against homicide charges?

When Maryland residents are facing homicide charges, they might feel like they have no options. After all, many people think that there is most likely a mountain of evidence against people who are charged with homicide because the prosecution wouldn't pursue the case if it wasn't sure a conviction would result. However, every criminal defendant has legal options.

Your best criminal defense option when facing felony charges

Our readers may know that felony charges are the most serious charges that a Maryland resident can face. But, there are varying degrees and types of felonies as well. Every day law enforcement officials are arresting people for alleged crimes such as burglary, robbery, sexual offenses and drug charges. When Maryland residents are facing these serious allegations, they need to immediately begin crafting a strong criminal defense strategy.

Maryland resident arrested, facing explosives-related charges

When our readers think of criminal cases in Maryland that involve weapons, they probably think of guns or knives. They probably don't consider the fact that individuals who are alleged to be in possession of explosives may face weapons charges as well.

Teens who binge and drive

Some parents may allow their teenage son or daughter to have a little beer or wine to celebrate a special occasion, and they no doubt believe that a child has not developed anything remotely resembling alcohol dependency. However, young people who do have a taste for alcohol can hide it well. They may not drink every day, but many embrace a different pattern known as binge drinking.

What are the varying degrees of rape charges in Maryland?

There is no question that of all the crimes a person can be charged with in Maryland, rape is one of the most serious. When Maryland residents face these charges not only are they going to face determined and meticulous efforts on the part of the prosecution, but they will also likely be dealing with a significant, negative public perception, as sex-based crimes are among the worst that society has categorized.

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