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March 2017 Archives

Maryland bail rules may change

In July 2017, a Maryland court ruling will take effect which will revise a hallmark of the state's criminal justice system. A Maryland Court of Appeals 2016 ruling requires state court judges to release nonviolent offenders from jail without posting bail if they are not a flight risk. However, the state legislature is also considering a bill that would reverse this decision.

How would legalizing pot affect DWI laws?

In Maryland, including Silver Spring and Montgomery County, legislatures are in the process of proposing bills to allow the recreational use of marijuana. It is important to keep in mind that this would not even go up for vote until November of next year, but the fact is that within the state and even around the country, the idea of legalizing marijuana use is very popular.

Maryland bill proposes changes to DUI laws

A mild winter in Maryland will soon give way to spring's warmer temperatures. Many, when the weather warms up, take to the great outdoors. One activity enjoyed by people in Maryland is boating or going for a scenic drive. However, what they may not know is that drunk boating, just like drunk driving, is against the law. And one Maryland politician is seeking tougher penalties for drunk driving and drunk boating.

Is "reasonable suspicion" different from "probable cause"?

A recent post here detailed the conditions for conducting searches as laid out in the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America. However, not all situations culminate in a full search. As Maryland residents may be aware, in some situations people are often detained briefly. The conditions for these brief detentions and stops also stem from the Fourth Amendment.

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