Fight drug crime allegations quickly to protect your rights

Fight drug crime allegations quickly to protect your rights

| Feb 24, 2017 | Felonies |

A previous post here noted that there is a great burden on the prosecution to prove their case against a Maryland resident suspected of committing a crime, due to the severe penalties associated with the felony conviction. The Constitution of the United States of America has provided certain procedural safeguards that must be met before either an arrest or a search and seizure can be conducted.

If these procedures are not followed, it may be possible for lawyers at our firm to question the integrity of not only the arrest, but also the evidence that flows from the arrest. When someone is facing felony drug charges but their residence was searched illegally, it may also be possible to challenge the basis of the search.

Cases involving drug crimes need to be investigated quickly and efficiently, as these cases can often hinge on preparation. Having worked with the prosecutor’s office, particularly with the Narcotics Unit, our founding lawyer is well aware of the tactics prosecutors use to intimidate and overwhelm those accused of committing drug crimes. However, with diligence and dedication, our team works with the accused to protect their rights.

We also understand that people are often addicted to drugs for various reasons and rather than penalize first-time offenders with jail sentences, it is more beneficial for them to go through a lifestyle change that can be achieved through supervised probation and career assistance. We approach drug courts with just this thought in mind. For more on fighting drug charges, visit our criminal defense page.