Aggressively fight DUI charges to avoid penalties

Aggressively fight DUI charges to avoid penalties

| Jan 20, 2017 | Drunk Driving |

Silver Springs residents may rarely think about it, but the reality is that people across the country use their automobiles for almost everything — from activities such as going to work and picking up the kids from school, to picking up pizza for dinner, people prefer the convenience of driving places rather than walking. For many people, driving isn’t just more convenient, it’s necessary to get to work, go shopping, go to medical appointments and more. This means if Maryland residents suddenly find themselves without their driver’s license, they end up affecting many aspects of their life.

Drunk driving charges have that potential. Depending on the number of drunk driving convictions that a person has, a license suspension or revocation for a DUI can range from a couple of months to a year or more. In addition to this, the number of points on the license also keeps accumulating, and this can lead to further difficulties.

Ignition locks are another consequence of DUI charges, and this can mean that even a sip of alcohol can render a person unable to drive their car, which can lead to embarrassing social moments. DUI and DWI charges can also impact employment and educational opportunities, as the person would have a criminal record.

At the law office of James N. Papirmeister, we work hard to fight criminal charges and minimize the damage they can do. Our experience can work for our clients as we challenge many aspects of the prosecution’s case. Visit our DUI page for more information about our firm and about drunk driving charges in Maryland.