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January 2017 Archives

Criminal convictions can affect immigration status

Maryland residents may be aware of their constitutional rights and what to do in case they are facing criminal charges, but what they may not know is that they may not be able to avail various avenues of relief if they are residents but not citizens. American noncitizens who are convicted of committing aggravated felonies may find themselves facing harsh consequences including deportation.

Aggressively fight DUI charges to avoid penalties

Silver Springs residents may rarely think about it, but the reality is that people across the country use their automobiles for almost everything -- from activities such as going to work and picking up the kids from school, to picking up pizza for dinner, people prefer the convenience of driving places rather than walking. For many people, driving isn't just more convenient, it's necessary to get to work, go shopping, go to medical appointments and more. This means if Maryland residents suddenly find themselves without their driver's license, they end up affecting many aspects of their life.

What are the consequences of drunk driving charges?

If someone is facing drunk driving charges, they may think the only consequence of a conviction is suspension of their driving license, and therefore not take the charges seriously. Even though there are also other penalties with DUI charges, there are many repercussions associated with not having a license -- without the ability to drive, it may not be possible to get to and fro from work, drop children off at school or even get the groceries.

One charged in drunk driving accident

With the holiday cheer, Maryland residents may think nothing of having a few drinks before getting behind the wheel and driving home. However, unknowingly, they may have consumed more alcohol than they anticipated and elevated their blood alcohol content to a level higher than legally allowed in most states across the country, .08 percent.

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