Put up an aggressive fight to avoid sex offender registration

Put up an aggressive fight to avoid sex offender registration

| Dec 2, 2016 | Felonies |

Though all felony charges have serious repercussions, once someone has been convicted, served their time in prison and is released, they have the opportunity to pick up the pieces of their life and move on. As discussed previously, due to various statutes such as Megan’s Law, Adam Walsh Act and Jacob Wetterling Act, the repercussions of sexual offense charges do not simply end when someone has completed their sentence.

As per law, nearly all sexual offense charges carry with them the requirement to register in the sex offender registry, for at least a period of time, if not for a lifetime. Not only do Maryland residents have to register within the state they live, but also every state they work or travel to. This registration system exists in every state, which means even if they didn’t serve any time in prison and move to another state, they would still be required to register in the new state.

It is essential for those accused of committing sexual offenses, not only to avoid the pervasive effect the sex registry system has on every aspect of their professional and personal lives, but also because of the potential embarrassment and humiliation they can also face. It can even affect their security, as their full name, picture and even address are listed for people to see and contact.

Lawyers at our firm understand the gravity of the situation and work hard to protect the rights of those accused of committing these crimes. Due to the consequences, there is an overwhelming burden on the defense attorney to fight these charges aggressively and lawyers at our firm have continuously risen to the challenge. For more on sex offender registration, visit our page.