Criminal defense help for sex crimes charges

Criminal defense help for sex crimes charges

| Dec 15, 2016 | Felonies |

The potential consequences and penalties associated with sex offense are significant and can be life-altering. Criminal penalties can be harsh and the impact on the personal and professional lives of the accused individual cannot be understated. In addition, a criminal conviction for almost all sexual offenses requires registration as a sex offender with a sex offender registry.

Individuals may find themselves facing a variety of different sex offense charges including sexual assault; rape; statutory rape; child molestation of child sexual abuse charges; and prostitution or solicitation charges. Depending on the severity of the sex offense crime charged, Maryland law requires individuals convicted of sexual assault or a sex crime to register as a sex offender from between 15 years to life. Failing to adhere to registration requirements, or to update a registration, can result in additional charges, penalties and consequences.

Sex offense accusations and charges can have a significant impact on the professional, personal and private lives of accused individuals and may impact the employment, home and family lives of accused individuals. There are also potential civil penalties and administrative consequences, including threats to professional licenses, associated with sexual offense allegations. As is true of all criminal charges, criminal defense options and protections are available to individuals accused of sex crimes. It is important to develop an effective criminal defense strategy when facing sex crimes charges.

There are many negative impacts associated with a sex offense charge which is why it is important for accused individuals to be familiar with criminal defense options that may be available to help. All individuals accused of crimes have criminal defense rights they should be aware of and understand how to summon when needed.