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December 2016 Archives

What is the punishment for first-degree murder?

As mentioned previously, first-degree murder charges in Maryland have various elements that need to be fulfilled in order to be proven. Even though the death penalty was abolished in Maryland, the punishment imposed for a conviction in this violent crime is the most severe that can be imposed and therefore it needs to be treated seriously.

What is felony murder?

People often-reasonably-- equate murder charges with killing someone-therefore, if someone has not physically committed the act of murdering someone, they do not understand how murder charges can follow. However, under the legal concept of felony murder rule, a person is charged with first-degree murder even if a murder results during the commission of certain violent crimes.

Criminal defense help for sex crimes charges

The potential consequences and penalties associated with sex offense are significant and can be life-altering. Criminal penalties can be harsh and the impact on the personal and professional lives of the accused individual cannot be understated. In addition, a criminal conviction for almost all sexual offenses requires registration as a sex offender with a sex offender registry.

How does the Brady law affect gun possession?

Most Maryland residents may be aware of their constitutional right to bear arms. As per the Second Amendment to the Constitution, the right to bear arms is not to be infringed. However, as much as one would like to believe that there are not limitations on the right to bear arms, state and federal law both regulate it to a certain extent. There is a duty to balance the right with public concern about safety and, therefore, various rules have been enacted in order to do just that.

Put up an aggressive fight to avoid sex offender registration

Though all felony charges have serious repercussions, once someone has been convicted, served their time in prison and is released, they have the opportunity to pick up the pieces of their life and move on. As discussed previously, due to various statutes such as Megan's Law, Adam Walsh Act and Jacob Wetterling Act, the repercussions of sexual offense charges do not simply end when someone has completed their sentence.

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