Former elementary teacher faces sexual offenses charges

Former elementary teacher faces sexual offenses charges

| Nov 23, 2016 | Felonies |

Even though a person accused of criminal charges has the assumption of innocence-innocent until proven guilty-many people forget this presumption and assume that if they have been accused of a crime, they must have committed it. When it comes to charges relating to sexual offenses and if children are involved, people are even more likely to assume the worst and the charges can taint a person’s whole life, even if they are eventually cleared. In these instances, the penalties that result from a conviction can also be very severe.

These effects were perhaps felt by a 50-year-old former third-grade teacher who was placed on administrative leave after police officers were notified of complaints against him. He was arrested in the summer of this year on one count of sexual abuse of a minor and four counts of third-degree sexual offense, involving two students. According to police reports, three more previously unknown victims have stepped forward with their accounts.

Once again, police officers have issued an arrest warrant for the former teacher, this time with two additional counts of child abuse exploitation and sexual abuse of a minor. In addition to this, he has been charged with three more charges of third-degree sexual offenses. He is being held without bond after turning himself into the authorities.

When someone turns themselves into the authorities, it could demonstrate a willingness to cooperate with the authorities. This can be considered favorable by the authorities and can go a long way while bargains are being struck and negotiations being made. Litigation in the criminal legal system does not have to be the only way a person can proceed-other options can be available and an experienced attorney can guide Silver Springs residents through the process.

Source:, “New sex abuse victims of former Silver Spring teacher come forward,” by Deb Belt, Nov. 17, 2016