Counsel can help protect defendant’s rights in pretrial hearings

Counsel can help protect defendant’s rights in pretrial hearings

| Oct 28, 2016 | Criminal Defense |

When someone in Maryland is facing criminal charges, they may be so overwhelmed by the criminal justice system that they do not realize they have certain constitutional rights that they can avail. One of them is the right to counsel, whether it is during litigation or even before litigation begins, in the pretrial stages.

As mentioned last week, oftentimes those accused of committing a crime find themselves facing pretrial detention. Before that takes place however, there are detention hearings, bond hearings and other forms of emergency hearings where the accused has the opportunity to defend their rights. These trials often happen at short notice, depriving the accused the opportunity to prepare adequately. At this time, it is beneficial to have legal counsel who can be available on short notice and can quickly gather the necessary paperwork to protect one’s rights.

Many people may not even be aware that they have the right to counsel at every stage of the criminal justice system, whether they have been accused of committing a felony or a misdemeanor. In fact, the earlier one retains an experienced attorney, the more the chances that they may be able to uncover some technicalities in the case to either get the charges reduced or the case dismissed altogether.

Lawyers at our firm are experienced in working quickly but effectively in the legal system. Our founding lawyer has 30 years of criminal law experience, nine years of which he worked as a prosecutor.He works diligently and thoroughly to protect his client’s rights.

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