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September 2016 Archives

Two Maryland residents face serious drug charges

Drug crimes, like most crimes, vary in the range of their severity. They can be misdemeanors, such as lesser crimes like simple possession, or they can be felonies, which include more serious crimes such as intent to distribute. Penalties vary according to the nature of the crime. Felonies carry mandatory prison sentences and fines that can be significant depending on the type of offense. Perhaps the most serious drug charge in Maryland is that of a "drug kingpin," who according to Maryland Code is someone who is an organizer, financier or manager who acts as a co-conspirator in a conspiracy to manufacture, dispense, transport or distribute a controlled dangerous substance.

Fighting sexual abuse charges to avoid long-term consequences

Although most people accused of committing crimes are generally viewed with distrust and dislike throughout Maryland, those who are accused of committing crimes against children are perhaps the most despised. Child abuse and other crimes involving children have the ability to fuel public sentiment-people feel very strongly about them, and the assumption of "innocent until proven guilty" may not be afforded to people accused of committing these crimes in the community.

The law against child pornography and its penalties in Maryland

Few criminal accusations charged in Maryland have the negative connotations as those that involve children. Compounding the possibility of long-term consequences in and outside of the legal arena are those that have to do with child pornography. When a person is facing these allegations, it can be a difficult time in a multitude of ways. It is important that there is a strong plan for a criminal defense to avoid the harshest penalties and combat the allegations.

Ignition interlock required for DUI offenses

Drivers across the country generally know that if their blood alcohol content is 0.08 or higher, they may face drunk driving charges. One of the consequences associated with a DUI in Maryland is using an ignition interlock device if the blood alcohol level is higher than 0.15, or if the driver is a repeat offender.

What is the difference between DUI and DWI charges?

When drivers get behind the wheel of a vehicle after having consumed a few alcoholic drinks, they may not be aware of how much their cognitive ability has been impaired. In fact, everybody metabolizes alcohol differently and therefore everyone's bodies react differently. However, under Maryland law, anyone with a blood alcohol content of 0.08 percent is considered legally impaired. This means that they may face drunk driving charges and could ultimately be found guilty of driving under the influence of alcohol, known as DUI.

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