Maryland county representative faces DWI charges

Maryland county representative faces DWI charges

| Aug 25, 2016 | Drunk Driving |

Although everyone has a constitutional right to present a defense in a court of law upon being accused of committing a crime, many people often overlook this fact and assume that just because charges have been filed against someone, they must be guilty. This means that mere accusations can have a severe impact on a person’s entire life, from their jobs and professional relationships to their personal lives. An arrest and charges, even if later proven false, can cause severe consequences.

According to a recent report, a state delegate who has been representing Baltimore since 2003 was arrested and charged with driving while impaired by alcohol. He was attending the Maryland Association of Counties Convention when officers say they saw him get into and start his vehicle, which was allegedly illegally parked. According to officials, they also saw an open container of alcohol in his truck, and the 53-year-old failed to complete field sobriety tests.

He took an alcohol concentration test at a public safety building after getting arrested and was allegedly found to have a BAC of 0.07, resulting in secondary charges for drinking and driving. If the blood alcohol concentration had been 0.08, driving under the influence charges would have likely been pursued, which are more serious.

For someone who lives their life in the public eye, such accusations can be damaging. Even those who are not well known face repercussions when their name is floated in the media with criminal charges attached to them. It is imperative to take DWI charges seriously and consider mounting an aggressive stance from the very beginning.

Source: Baltimore Sun, “Maryland state delegate charged with driving while impaired in Ocean City,” Justin Fenton, Aug. 19, 2016