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Maryland man faces weapons charges after search of his home

Individuals accused of a crime have criminal defense options to consider. In a nearby Maryland community northeast of the Silver Springs area a man was recently arrested on weapons charges and drug charges. The 37-year old man remains in jail following his arrest on $750,000 bail. According to police, they received information that someone was selling drugs at the location where the man was arrested. Authorities reported that they obtained a warrant for the search of the man's home and seizure of illegal items.

During the search, police report they seized two handguns and a rifle, as well as substances suspected of being cocaine, heroin and marijuana. According to reports, the man has prior weapons and drug charges. Any criminal charge is a serious one but weapons charges can carry potentially stiff penalties and consequences. Individuals facing weapons charges can face mandatory minimum sentences that pose a significant threat to their freedom and future.

It is important to understand when facing weapons charges that an accused individual has the right to a criminal defense which includes options for challenging the charges the accused individual is facing. Individuals accused of a crime have constitutionally protected rights and authorities must follow necessary procedures designed to protect accused individuals when, as an example, conducting a search and seizing items of evidence alleged against the accused individual. It may be necessary to challenge the evidence alleged against the accused individual including witness statements and other types of evidence.

A criminal defense strategy may be developed in a number of ways based on the circumstances the accused individual is facing. It is important to thoroughly understand the legal options available through the criminal justice system and how they provide protections for accused individuals as well when they are facing serious charges such as weapons charges.

Source:, "Baltimore man faces drugs, weapons charges after raid," Accessed June 16, 2016

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