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July 2016 Archives

What are felony criminal charges?

If you are facing criminal charges, such as felony charges, you may wonder what felony charges are. In general, felony charges are the most serious criminal charges an individual can face. Felony charges can also carry harsher penalties and consequences than the penalties and consequences an accused individual may face when accused of other types of crimes. Felonies generally care a potential punishment of one year or more in prison.

Fight for your license and freedom against DWI charges

People across Maryland use their cars for important purposes -- commuting back and forth from work, running errands and dropping their kids off to school. Whether they get behind the wheel every day or only occasionally, these days owning a vehicle has become akin to a necessity of life. Therefore when those driving privileges are threatened by a mistake, it can amount to threatening a person's very livelihood.

Examining the basics of the standardized field sobriety tests

Drunk driving is never a good decision. When a person gets behind the wheel of an automobile while they are intoxicated, they put themselves and everyone else on the road in danger. Unfortunately, bad choices sometimes take control, leading to negative situations. If law enforcement comes into contact with an individual they feel may be intoxicated, a sobriety test may be conducted to help determine if impairment is a factor.

Understanding the consequences of an illegal search

Last week's blog post mentioned weapons charges ensuing a search of the accused's home. It is important for Maryland residents to understand the search and seizure rules in order to ensure their constitutional rights are not infringed upon. When they are, they may be able to challenge the felony gun charges levied against them.

Maryland man faces weapons charges after search of his home

Individuals accused of a crime have criminal defense options to consider. In a nearby Maryland community northeast of the Silver Springs area a man was recently arrested on weapons charges and drug charges. The 37-year old man remains in jail following his arrest on $750,000 bail. According to police, they received information that someone was selling drugs at the location where the man was arrested. Authorities reported that they obtained a warrant for the search of the man's home and seizure of illegal items.

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