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Understanding the impact of a DUI in Maryland

Penalties and consequences for driving under the influence in Maryland can be serious. Penalties and consequences for a DUI can include criminal penalties and administrative consequences that can have a significant impact on the accused individual's personal and professional life, as well as their freedom. For the first DUI charge in Maryland, the accused individual can face imprisonment up to one year, a fine of $1,000 and license revocation of up to 6 months.

Impact of an aggravated felony on immigration

Maryland is home to many people who have left their countries and are trying to establish a new base for themselves in America. Once they find jobs in the state, they often begin the process to become American citizens, a process that can take a lot of time but can be very beneficial for immigrants in the long run. One of the things immigrants must demonstrate in order to become a citizen is good moral character and a prison record can interfere with this.

Penalties for robbery conviction in Maryland

When someone forcefully or under the threat of force takes someone else's property or obtains their service, it is known as robbery. In Maryland, if the robbery is committed with a dangerous weapon, the penalties are even more serious. Under criminal law, robbery is a felony, which means it is a serious crime and carries with it serious penalties.

Mount an aggressive criminal defense from the onset

When Maryland residents find themselves facing criminal charges, they often find many aspects of their life changes as a result -- their colleagues, friends and even family members may view them differently even before the case ever goes to trial. At this time, facing the criminal justice system may seem like a lonely, complicated and never ending process.

What is a preliminary hearing?

There are many stages in the criminal justice system and many Maryland residents may not be aware that they are entitled to legal representation every step of the way, starting from the first step when they are arrested. Many people are unsettled at this point and may not be thinking clearly, saying whatever comes in their mind and assuming that they do not need a lawyer because they have not done anything wrong. However, this is not often the case -- the sooner someone facing criminal charges considers getting experienced help to protect their rights, the better off they may be in the future.

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