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Plea bargaining may be an option for some in Silver Spring

Plea bargaining, or negotiating a plea deal, takes place when both parties to a criminal case come to an agreement outside of the court. Many criminal cases in Silver Spring are resolved in this manner, as it often spares both parties the uncertainty involved in going to trial. Though many Maryland residents accused of felony charges may want to fight the charges in court, it is possible that the case the prosecution has gathered against them is overwhelming or that the penalties associated with another conviction may be very high. This may convince the accused to consider agreeing to a lighter sentence and lighter fines in exchange for something else.

Can one refuse to take a field sobriety test?

There are two legal levels of drinking and driving in Maryland. Driving under the influence (DUI) is when a driver's blood alcohol concentration is at or more than 0.08. With this BAC, the driver is assumed under the influence of alcohol per se. The second level is DWI (driving while impaired), with the blood alcohol concentration level of less than 0.07. There is a zero tolerance policy for underage drinking -- if an underage driver has had alcohol, but is not drunk or has a low blood alcohol concentration level, the driver would still get a DUI.

Man faces DUI charge after fatal crash

The legal system in Maryland treats those who are arrested on drunk driving charges very seriously with harsh penalties if there is a conviction. This is especially true if there is an accident and a felony conviction. While there is a stigma with any mention of DWI when there is an accident and another person is injured or killed, those who are confronted with these charges need to be fully aware of how their lives can be negatively affected by it if they are convicted.

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