New law proposed ignition lock at .08 BAC

New law proposed ignition lock at .08 BAC

| Mar 11, 2016 | Drunk Driving |

Maryland drivers may be aware that drunk driving charges result if one has been driving with a blood alcohol level concentration of .08 or more. The drunk driving charges can severely impact many aspects of a person’s life, including affecting their ability to earn a living if their driving license is suspended. In addition to this, if new legislation is passed, they may have to install an ignition lock device in their car, breathing into it every time they try to start their vehicle.

As the law currently stands in Maryland, convicted drunk drivers already have to install these devices in their vehicle, but only if their conviction came from a blood alcohol concentration level of 0.15 or higher, if they were transporting children at the time or they are underage DUI offenders. The new legislation, titled ‘Noah’s Law’ would lower the BAC level to .08. This means anyone convicted of drunk driving at the state’s legal limit would be required to install and blow into the ignition lock device before starting their car.

The House Judiciary Committee unanimously approved the law and it has gone on to the House. Previous bills requiring similar tightening of laws have not been successful.

Though most people try to drive responsibly, it is possible that they make mistakes. These mistakes should not determine the course of the rest of the person’s life and fighting DUI charges head on and as soon as possible may be one way to alter the course of one’s life. There may be legal options that can be explored that lead to lightening of sentences or rehabilitation programs. An experienced attorney may be able to guide Maryland residents.

Source:, “Drunk driving ignition lock bill advances in Md.,” Neal Augustein, Mar. 4, 2016