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March 2016 Archives

What are the penalties for breath test refusal in Maryland?

Maryland drivers who are stopped by law enforcement during an investigation of a possible case of driving while intoxicated might be under the mistaken impression that they have the right to refuse to take a breath test or take part in field sobriety testing procedures. When a law enforcement officer makes a stop amid the belief that the driver is under the influence, it is within their rights to ask that tests be taken. Refusing will allow the officer to take the driver's license if it was issued by the State of Maryland. The officer will then give the driver a temporary license and begin a case for the Motor Vehicle Administration of the state. A commercial driver will be immediately subjected to a license suspension.

Eleven arrested in connection with alleged drug crimes

Felonies, especially drug crimes, involve mandatory minimum sentences and substantial fines that can alter the life of a Maryland resident. Not only does a prison sentence remain on their record and affect job and child custody prospects, but monetary fines can cause financial hardship and worsen an already difficult situation. This may be why people charged with drug crimes should be aware of their legal rights and consider availing them as soon as possible, in the interest of protecting themselves from these harsh penalties.

New law proposed ignition lock at .08 BAC

Maryland drivers may be aware that drunk driving charges result if one has been driving with a blood alcohol level concentration of .08 or more. The drunk driving charges can severely impact many aspects of a person's life, including affecting their ability to earn a living if their driving license is suspended. In addition to this, if new legislation is passed, they may have to install an ignition lock device in their car, breathing into it every time they try to start their vehicle.

Let our experience guide you when facing violent crimes charges

It is everyone's right to defend themselves against accusations of a violent crime and try their best to avoid the penalties that come with a criminal conviction. When facing such situations, individuals may be overwhelmed without the aid of a guide by the possibility of severe punishment. An exceptional defense may be essential and could prove to be the key element to avoid prison sentences when facing murder or homicide charges.

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