Accident leads to woman facing multiple offenses for DUI

Accident leads to woman facing multiple offenses for DUI

| Jan 8, 2016 | Drunk Driving |

In Maryland, drunk driving charges are taken very seriously by law enforcement. Not only are the police attempting to catch drivers who are in the midst of committing a DWI, but the justice system has harsh penalties for those who are caught and convicted of alleged offenses linked to driving under the influence. Those who are arrested on these charges need to be fully aware of what they are up against as well as the importance of plotting a strong legal defense.

A three-vehicle accident resulted in the arrest of a 21-year-old woman on drunk driving charges. The accident happened at around 9 p.m. as the woman drove on the shoulder of the roadway and hit an unoccupied vehicle that had been disabled. A tire from that vehicle came loose and went into the roadway. A 22-year-old in a third car crashed into the tire. That vehicle subsequently went out of control and hit the guardrail. When law enforcement investigated, they found that the woman driving the first car smelled of alcohol. She was arrested.

Being convicted for charges linked to driving under the influence can result in significant costs and other penalties. There could be fines, jail time and a license suspension. Those who are confronted with these charges need to know that there are certain ways in which a drunk driving charge can be defended against. For example, if the officer’s breathalyzer machine was not properly calibrated, it could mean that the blood alcohol content was measured incorrectly. There might be a logical medical explanation as to why the person was perceived to have been drunk when he or she was not.

In this case, since there were two accidents as a result of it, the woman is dealing with multiple offenses for drunk driving. Given the penalties she will be assessed if she is convicted, her first step is to speak to a qualified legal professional experienced in defending clients on drunk driving charges.

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