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January 2016 Archives

Mounting a defense quickly after possession charges is essential

As mentioned in last week's post, felony drug crimes are treated seriously. Felony charges include possession with intent to distribute controlled substances, conspiracy to distribute, distribution of controlled dangerous substances, and others. Not only are the penalties and fines severe, the consequences it has on one's life are also far reaching.

What are the penalties of marijuana possession?

With marijuana usage becoming legal in many parts of the country, many people may be under the misconception that Maryland has followed suit. However, this is not the case -- marijuana possession and distribution remains a crime and depending on the amount possessed, carries with it a varying range of serious penalties.

What is the law for first degree rape and what are its penalties?

For those who are charged with rape in Maryland, there are numerous levels of the allegations that have to be considered and dealt with. The mere mentioning of the word "rape" carries with it a social stigma that can have a negative influence on a person's life regardless of the circumstances. Rape in the first degree carries with it serious penalties. When facing a felony charge for rape, it is important to understand the law and what the potential punishments are.

Accident leads to woman facing multiple offenses for DUI

In Maryland, drunk driving charges are taken very seriously by law enforcement. Not only are the police attempting to catch drivers who are in the midst of committing a DWI, but the justice system has harsh penalties for those who are caught and convicted of alleged offenses linked to driving under the influence. Those who are arrested on these charges need to be fully aware of what they are up against as well as the importance of plotting a strong legal defense.

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