Off-duty cop suspected of drunk driving suspended from job

Off-duty cop suspected of drunk driving suspended from job

| Dec 11, 2015 | Drunk Driving |

Even though there is a difference between being suspected of committing a crime, being charged with committing that crime and then even being convicted of committing that offence, unfortunately our society does not differentiate between these different stages. This means that an accusation or charges, whether proven or not, affect a Maryland resident’s professional and personal life.

This is probably what has happened to a young off-duty Maryland state trooper. While off-duty, he was involved in a crash around Thanksgiving. The 26-year-old rescue technician had been on the job for 17 months when he was found inside an overturned vehicle after midnight.

According to the police, he showed signs of intoxication and was cited while hospitalized. He faces charges of reckless driving, negligent driving, driving while impaired with alcohol and driving under the influence of alcohol. While the state police internal affairs conduct an investigation, he is suspended without pay.

When someone is suspended from their job, not only does it show a blemish on their record but it also affects their ability to support their family members and themselves. This is one of the reasons DUI charges should not be taken lightly – they have the ability to even indirectly affect the charged person’s future. If someone faces similar charges, they should consider mounting an aggressive defense that attacks every aspect of the prosecution’s case, including the results of the blood alcohol test. It is essential to know one’s rights in these situations, and it is everyone’s right to defend themselves in a court of law, if they so choose.

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