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December 2015 Archives

What are the consequences of a DUI conviction?

A police officer can stop a driver if they suspect that the driver is impaired. With the holiday season upon us and many of us enjoying the festivities, it is possible that some motorists will get behind the wheel after having a drink or two. It is important to drink and drive responsibly, but at the same time it is crucial to be aware of the legal consequences of what could happen if one is suspected of drunk driving and fails to mount an aggressive defense.

What is a plea bargain?

Many Silver Spring residents may believe that the only successful criminal defense is one that ends in a trial. However, they may not be aware that most successful criminal prosecutions end up with plea bargains, not trials. With that in mind, some might find themselves wondering: What is a plea bargain?

Sex crimes charges require a strong criminal defense

Sex crimes accusations, allegations and charges can be life-altering and devastating. Individuals accused of sex crimes face threats to their freedom, reputation and future. In addition to the potential consequences, penalties associated with sexual offenses are oftentimes severe. Individuals convicted of nearly all types of sexual offenses are required to register as sex offenders as part of the sex offender registry.

Off-duty cop suspected of drunk driving suspended from job

Even though there is a difference between being suspected of committing a crime, being charged with committing that crime and then even being convicted of committing that offence, unfortunately our society does not differentiate between these different stages. This means that an accusation or charges, whether proven or not, affect a Maryland resident's professional and personal life.

Know your rights in a traffic stop

Many Maryland residents may have heard that police officers often crack down on drunk drivers near the holiday season by implementing more sobriety checkpoints or by making more traffic stops. But what does a traffic stop really mean and what are the average driver's rights when being asked to stop? It is important to know one's rights to avoid being charged for motor vehicle offenses.

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