Working with you to fight violent crimes charges

Working with you to fight violent crimes charges

| Nov 27, 2015 | Violent Crimes |

As mentioned in last week’s post on the Silver Spring Criminal Defense Law Blog, just because someone has been convicted of a crime, they should not give up hope of clearing their name. In some situations and with the right assistance, it may be possible to receive post-conviction relief through various measures, including a habeas corpus motion.

A murder charge carries with it a very tough, in fact perhaps the toughest, sentence. In order to successfully defend someone facing these charges in Maryland, it is very important to have not only relevant and extensive experience, but an intricate knowledge of the prosecution system and the tactics they may use. Before founding his current legal practice, our founding partner received accolade and recognition for his astounding work conducting murder trials for the State of Maryland.

Having worked with detectives, forensic experts and evidence technicians, he has an in-depth understanding of the state’s legal system and may be able to anticipate the state’s strategy.

In order to fight against murder charges, it is essential to start collecting evidence as soon as possible, and as last week’s post demonstrates, it is also essential to inspect the prosecution’s evidence as well. Working with experts and investigators in various fields, lawyers at our firm work to create a strategy that aims to protects a client’s rights and get them the best possible results based on their individual situation. Violent crime charges are serious and can be stressful to navigate. For more on how to defend oneself against murder charges, visit our webpage.