Character witnesses prove to be crucial in Maryland jury trial

Character witnesses prove to be crucial in Maryland jury trial

| Nov 5, 2015 | Felonies |

Facing felony charges is a serious matter that can understandably make a Maryland resident feel like taking the path of least resistance. In many cases, this means that a person facing criminal allegations will cave to pressure and sign a plea agreement. However, a recent case just goes to show that if criminal defendants truly believe in their innocence, taking the case to trial may lead to a fantastic result.

A recent report detailed the case of a 56-year-old Maryland man who was facing allegations of sexual offenses. The allegations centered on the reports from a five-year-old girl who was cared for at a home daycare owned and operated by the suspect’s family members. The five-year-old girl allegedly reported that the man at one point came into the room where the kids were napping and fondled her.

Apparently resolute in his innocence, the suspect decided to take the case to a jury trial. The recent trial last six days, and at the end the man was found not guilty on all of the charges he faced.

The reports indicate that the testimony of several character witnesses may have played a crucial part in the man’s criminal defense strategy. The witnesses were the parents of several of the other children who were cared for by this man’s family members, and many of them apparently testified to their complete and utter faith in the man’s innocence and reliability. This Maryland case is an example of the fact that, with the right criminal defense strategy, it may be a good idea to take a case to trial so that it can be weighed by a jury of peers.

Source: Washington Post, “Man found not guilty in Maryland home day-care sex abuse trial,” Dan Morse, Oct. 27, 2015