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November 2015 Archives

Working with you to fight violent crimes charges

As mentioned in last week's post on the Silver Spring Criminal Defense Law Blog, just because someone has been convicted of a crime, they should not give up hope of clearing their name. In some situations and with the right assistance, it may be possible to receive post-conviction relief through various measures, including a habeas corpus motion.

Post conviction relief granted by Maryland judge

When someone is arrested, charged and then convicted on charges related to violent crimes, such as murder, they may feel that the case is closed and they have no legal recourse afterward. However, as a recent case in Maryland has demonstrated, this is not always the case.

What does Maryland's proposed ignition-lock bill mean?

A conviction affects Silver Spring residents in many ways, including their personal and professional lives but a proposed bill would impact them in a novel way. The plan proposes toughening restrictions on drunk drivers who have previous convictions for drunk driving.

Character witnesses prove to be crucial in Maryland jury trial

Facing felony charges is a serious matter that can understandably make a Maryland resident feel like taking the path of least resistance. In many cases, this means that a person facing criminal allegations will cave to pressure and sign a plea agreement. However, a recent case just goes to show that if criminal defendants truly believe in their innocence, taking the case to trial may lead to a fantastic result.

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