What are the basics of aggravated assault?

What are the basics of aggravated assault?

| Oct 9, 2015 | Violent Crimes |

Facing criminal charges is nothing to take lightly, especially if those charges stem from violent crimes. The prosecuting authorities treat these types of crimes very seriously, as do police officials and it is possible that those convicted of the crime in Silver Spring find themselves facing lengthy prison sentences. Those considering fighting these charges need to first understand what exactly they are accused of doing.

It might be easy to confuse the term ‘aggravated assault’ with the term ‘aggravated felony’, which was discussed in last week’s post. Whereas a felony could be a number of crimes, an aggravated assault refers to a specific type of behavior and this week we will look at what an assault is.

An aggravated assault is an unlawful attack on one person by another person. The purpose of this assault is to inflict severe or aggravated bodily injury and some form of weapon or any other means to produce harm or even death usually accompanies the assault. When someone threatens to use or displays a weapon, it is known as attempted aggravated assault.

There is often a fine line between different types of crimes and it is important to know where that line is, as it could make a difference in the prison time or type of sentence someone receives. Since a violent criminal offense carries with it minimum mandatory sentences, it is often best to meet these charges head on and the first step in doing so is understanding the nature of the charges faced. The second step could be considering consulting an experienced defense attorney who could aggressively pursue an accused’s interests.

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