Mounting an aggressive assault to fight criminal charges

Mounting an aggressive assault to fight criminal charges

| Oct 23, 2015 | Criminal Defense |

Many people who face criminal charges are not aware that charges do not automatically mean a conviction and prison sentences. After someone is charged with a crime, they have an opportunity to defend themselves against those charges and it is possible that the charges are dropped and the person accused of them can put the unfortunate incident behind them. However, since Silver Spring residents do not keep this distinction in mind, they often do not prepare a criminal defense and end up accepting the charges and therefore end up with a mark on their record.

As mentioned in the previous post on this blog, a mark on the record can have far reaching consequences in many areas of a person’s life, not just limiting their employment opportunities but, depending on the type of crime, also on the location a person can reside.

Mounting an aggressive and timely criminal defense may be one way to avoid all those consequences. Our founding lawyer has experience working with prosecutors and is therefore knowledgeable about the various strategies they use. This knowledge can work in an accused individual’s favor as he can draft strategies to counter their agenda.

Silver Spring residents may not be aware that they have certain constitutional safeguards at almost every stage of the criminal justice system and therefore fail to avail them. By enforcing the right to an attorney, those accused of a crime may be able to change the outcome of their case and therefore the trajectory of the rest of their life. For more on our criminal defense, visit our webpage