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Do I have any rights if I am accused of a criminal offense?

Many people enjoy a crime show on television occasionally and can claim they know a lot about their constitutional rights, having heard the Miranda Warnings multiple times. However, the full warning is seldom broadcast and the truth of the matter is that Silver Spring residents may not be fully aware of their constitutional rights if they are arrested. Knowing your rights is very important, because if they are violated it must be brought up as part of the criminal defense and evidence or statements collected in violation of these rights may be disallowed from a trial.

Mounting an aggressive assault to fight criminal charges

Many people who face criminal charges are not aware that charges do not automatically mean a conviction and prison sentences. After someone is charged with a crime, they have an opportunity to defend themselves against those charges and it is possible that the charges are dropped and the person accused of them can put the unfortunate incident behind them. However, since Silver Spring residents do not keep this distinction in mind, they often do not prepare a criminal defense and end up accepting the charges and therefore end up with a mark on their record.

Criminal conviction can harm employment opportunities

There are many ways that getting accused and subsequently convicted of a crime can affect one's life in Silver Spring, and perhaps one of the most basic ways is by impacting their livelihood. When someone who has been accused of a crime or a misdemeanor goes to apply for a job, they often have to submit to a background check, which will show their infraction on it. Even though legally a misdemeanor is considered a less serious crime than other types, when it comes to job prospects they are often treated the same way.

What are the basics of aggravated assault?

Facing criminal charges is nothing to take lightly, especially if those charges stem from violent crimes. The prosecuting authorities treat these types of crimes very seriously, as do police officials and it is possible that those convicted of the crime in Silver Spring find themselves facing lengthy prison sentences. Those considering fighting these charges need to first understand what exactly they are accused of doing.

What is an aggravated felony?

Silver Spring residents may be aware that an arrest and a conviction for any felony is a serious matter and can have far reaching consequences in many aspects of their lives-it affects their career opportunities, personal lives and social lives. What they may not be aware of is that when it comes to certain crimes, known as aggravated felonies, a conviction for a non-citizen immigrant could make it harder to stay in America.

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