Maryland man charged with drug and firearm violations

Maryland man charged with drug and firearm violations

| Sep 4, 2015 | Criminal Defense |

Drug charges can absolutely alter the course of a person’s life. Not only are there monetary penalties and incarceration to consider — fines can cost thousands of dollars and prison time can be years, if not decades — but also a person’s professional and personal reputation is at stake. Finding a job after being found guilty of a drug crime can prove immensely difficult. Plus, personal relationships may forever change for the worse. This is why it is of the utmost importance for anyone facing such charges to consider fighting them vigorously.

Recently, a Maryland man fell into police custody and was charged with drug and firearm violations. According to reports, police allegedly found three guns, cash and a pound of marijuana in the man’s apartment. The Maryland police say they had obtained a search and seize warrant prior to the arrest.

More specifically, police involved in the case claim that the man allegedly possessed a loaded .357-caliber revolver and a loaded handgun. In addition, there were, according to police, digital scaled and a pound of marijuana that appeared packaged for distribution, alongside digital scales. Police claim that the man was banned from being in possession of any firearms because of past convictions. The man now faces a myriad of charges, including controlled dangerous substance possession, firearm and drug trafficking crimes firearms, controlled dangerous substance possession with the intent to distribute, firearm possession with a felony conviction, illegal possession of ammunition and numerous others.

Drug charges are not always so simple as possession of a controlled substance. Sometimes, many other felony crimes are attached to them, including intent to distribute. These charges are extremely serious and demand a vigorous defense.

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