Man charged in Maryland sex offenses faces hefty bond

Man charged in Maryland sex offenses faces hefty bond

| Sep 25, 2015 | Violent Crimes |

For Maryland residents who are confronted with allegations of having committed felonies, there are many issues that will have to be dealt with. Not only is there the possibility of being convicted and having to pay significant fines and go to jail, but there are also social stigmas attached. Those stigmas are exponentially worse when the charges are for sexual offenses.

A 52-year-old man who was arrested for rape and other charges is in jail. According to law enforcement, in mid-September of 2015 the man committed a sexual assault after a woman refused a request to provide him with sexual favors for $40. Another incident in which the man has been accused occurred in July of 2014 when he allegedly did the same thing and subsequently forced the woman to have intercourse. He is believed to be a suspect in a June 2015 incident. The prosecution did not want to give the man a bond and an opportunity to be released, but the judge allowed it for $1 million. The allegations state that the man used his bicycle to go to and from the scenes of the crimes. He has yet to put forth the money for the bond.

With any criminal offense, the long-term problems can be substantial. It can not only deprive a person of his or her freedom and be a financial hardship, but it can negatively influence the ability to get a job, be enrolled in a school, and live in certain areas. Prosecutors and law enforcement have a vested interest in succeeding in the cases they bring. With that comes the possibility that evidence in the investigation was not sufficient for the charges or the wrong person is pursued for a particular crime. Everyone has a right to a strong legal defense and it is imperative that anyone charged understands what they are facing.

In this case, a man has been arrested on charges of two sexual assaults and is suspected in a third. With a bond so high, it’s going to be difficult for him to be released. Given the harsh penalties he faces, he needs to make certain that he has a sound defense. The first call he should make to deal with this case is to an experienced criminal defense attorney.

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