Drunk driving and other alcohol-related deaths in Maryland

Drunk driving and other alcohol-related deaths in Maryland

| Aug 12, 2015 | Drunk Driving |

Even though the numbers of drunk driving and alcohol-involved fatal accidents have gone down in recent years, one in three traffic deaths in the U.S. involve drunk drivers. In Maryland, drivers face drunk driving charges if their blood alcohol concentration is 0.08 percent or higher. And, even though authorities use sobriety checkpoints, licenses suspensions and ignition interlock laws to prevent drunk driving, far too many people still get behind the wheel while intoxicated.

There are many reasons for drunk driving. While some people do not realize that alcohol can impair their driving skills, some drivers believe that they are less drunk than they actually are. This may lead to catastrophic accidents. However, some DUI offenders are completely oblivious to the consequences of drunk driving, since their ability to think rationally is suppressed.

A drunk driver might not realize that he or she is not complying with all drunk driving laws. Also, it is important for people to know how stringent drunk driving laws are, and what the consequences of violating these laws intentionally or unintentionally are. Drunk drivers may end up fatally injuring themselves, a passenger or another person. Also, if a drunk driver faces DUI charges, this information may come up during a background check for employment. In addition, the financial burden of providing compensation to the victims of the accident can also take a huge mental toll.

Nevertheless, state governments, including Maryland, are trying to establish strategies to prevent drunk driving. These strategies may involve multiple components, such as mass media campaigns to educate people, alcohol screenings and brief interventions and school-based instructional programs. These programs may even help reduce the number of people who are arrested for drunk driving.

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