Initial hearing in a Maryland criminal case

Initial hearing in a Maryland criminal case

| Jul 3, 2015 | Criminal Defense |

One of the major factors to be considered when faced with a criminal charge, like robbery, theft, rape or any other charge, is to know what the various defenses that are available to the accused. Depending on the case, criminal defense attorneys may be able to prove that the accused is innocent of all the charges. However, many times the accused’s neighbors and co-workers believe that they are guilty even before the verdict is turned in. Therefore, prompt justice becomes a necessity.

Typically, there are 11 stages of a criminal charge proceeding in a court of law. After the accused person is arrested and charged with the crime, the defendant would then be brought before a magistrate for an initial hearing about the case.

Anyone accused of a crime will usually need to begin to craft a criminal defense strategy as soon as possible. In some cases, the right approach is crucial to help the accused against any overzealous law official.

In case the accused is unable to secure counsel before the initial hearing in a criminal charge case, the defendant will likely either hire one immediately afterward, or a defense attorney will be appointed by the court. In many cases, the initial hearing might even be held on the same day of the arrest, in which case the accused may not be able to hire a legal representative beforehand.

It is at the initial hearing that the criminal charges against the accused are explained, along with all other pertinent facts in the case. Thereafter, the defendant may seek bail, depending on the nature of the charges.

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