Helping Maryland residents deal with serious criminal charges

Helping Maryland residents deal with serious criminal charges

| Jul 24, 2015 | Criminal Defense |

It probably goes without saying that a criminal conviction can land a person in a number of serious social, professional and personal difficulties. Therefore, it is important to take prompt action whenever someone is charged with a crime. However, that may not be an easy task, as Maryland laws tend to be strict and prosecutors are often zealous for a conviction.

However, a criminal charge does not necessarily mean that the person is a criminal. This is because the burden of proof lies with the prosecutor and an accused is protected via having certain rights. In order to ensure that those rights are exercised in the criminal justice system, a wise choice is often to hire an attorney who is adept at criminal defense, especially that area of law under which the accused has been charged.

In Maryland, charges can range from an infraction, which is the lowest level of offense, to a felony, which is the highest level of offense. The severity of penalties increases according to the level of the offense. For example, while a person convicted for a misdemeanor may be able to clear his or her name by paying only a fine, a person convicted for a felony may have to serve a mandatory prison sentence in addition to paying significant fines.

It is understandable that a criminal conviction, irrespective of how major or how minor it is, can lead a person to a number of difficulties like loss of job, loss of social reputation and so on. However, if a person is wise enough to seek legal counsel immediately after being accused of a crime, it may be possible for that person’s defense attorney to find a way through which the accused can either be acquitted, if the circumstances are favorable, or be given a lesser sentence.

If you wish to know more about criminal defense in Silver Spring or other areas of Montgomery County, you may consider working with a professional with vast experience in defending the rights of those accused. To learn more about the criminal justice process and how an attorney can help, visit our page detailing the justice system.