Fourth of July weekend yields over 5,000 DUI citations

Fourth of July weekend yields over 5,000 DUI citations

| Jul 17, 2015 | Drunk Driving |

Driving under the influence of alcohol is an offense in Maryland and in the rest of the country. However, during holidays, such as the recent July 4th weekend, a number of people are cited for DUI. In fact, law enforcement officers often increase their efforts during the holidays because many people are likely drinking at local festivities, and DUIs can lead to damaging or deadly accidents.

According to police reports, during this year’s July 4th weekend, law enforcement officers in Maryland made more than 7,000 traffic stops and issued over 5,000 DUI citations. In addition to the citations, officers warned more than 4,000 drivers and ordered 790 repairs for defective automobile equipment.

Maryland State Patrol officers issued almost 550 DUI citations and 300 warnings along Interstate 95 after stopping 536 vehicles. On Route 50, the MSP stopped 773 vehicles and issued about 550 citations and 306 warnings. Along Interstates 68 and 70, officers issued 454 citations and 419 warnings after stopping 784 vehicles.

According to officials from the MSP, the agency will conduct further initiatives in the coming months in order to keep DUI incidents at bay. Additionally, the officers will look for other traffic offenders, including those who are distracted and those who do not obey all traffic rules.

Although police efforts are often admirable in terms of maintaining public safety, some drivers may be harassed even if they are not at fault. In some cases, DUI charges can be brought against a person if the driver’s blood alcohol content level is within legal limits because the instrument used to conduct the breath test was faulty.

Keeping in mind such a situation, Maryland residents should remember that every person has rights when a police officer pulls them over for suspicion of DUI. However, since many people might not be completely aware of these rights, it may be a wise decision to consult an attorney immediately after a DUI stop so that the matter can be handled effectively.

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