Exercising the legal rights of sex crime offenders in Maryland

Exercising the legal rights of sex crime offenders in Maryland

| Jun 17, 2015 | Criminal Defense |

“Even the guilty have rights” is a quote that is used in the media across Maryland on many occasions. It is important to understand that a person will neither stop being a citizen of the United States, nor will that person lose all fundamental and basic rights that have been granted to that person under the Constitution, simply because that person is accused of or convicted of a crime. As a democratic society, the U.S. believes in justice in which the accused person has the right to a solid defense in court. Convicted criminals have a chance to be rehabilitated so that they can be re-assimilated into society after the person is released from prison.

People who are accused of sexual offenses sometimes experience unfair prejudice by society and the media, even before any of the charges against them are proven in court. At our law firm we have worked with people who have been unfairly accused of sexual crimes and, subsequently, were not given a fair chance.

In the event that a person is unfairly accused of a sexual offense, our attorneys will work hard to build a solid defense with the hope of bringing justice to the innocent person. A person should not be punished for an offense that the person did not commit.

Planning the right criminal defense approach is extremely important for the accused person in a criminal proceeding involving a sexual offense. A person who has been accused of a sexual offense without it being proven is still sometimes treated badly by society, especially if the case involves a child. Thus, building a strong criminal defense is crucial in such cases. Having to be listed on the sex offender registry can have major repercussions on the person’s ability to get a job or even to rent a residence. It can impact the person’s entire life.