How does a person apply for a gun permit?

How does a person apply for a gun permit?

| May 14, 2015 | Weapons Crimes |

Maryland, as a general rule, does not consider handguns with permits issued from other states to be valid in Maryland. However, there is an exception to that rule, which is an armored vehicle. In that case, the person might be working for the federal or state government and the person is stationed in Maryland. While gun possession as a general rule is not strictly illegal, possession without a valid license can come with many legal penalties, especially in cases where the person with a gun is accused of using the gun to commit a crime.

Gun possession and carrying guns while in a public place, or transporting a gun, might cause the person to be charged criminally if that person does not possess a valid gun permit. There are some legal nuances in such a situation, and some people find it beneficial to get more information about how to go about obtaining and filling out a gun license application.

The in-person application for gun possession must be filed with the authorities, along with a notarized application, two regulation-type passport photographs, the applicant’s fingerprints and non-refundable fees. Additional paperwork is often needed in cases where the applicant submits the application for a handgun based on the person’s business and occupational engagements.

It must be noted that even with a valid gun permit and a valid gun license, the person may not be allowed to carry the handgun everywhere. If the person carries a handgun in a place like a children’s school, college campus or at a public demonstration, the person may be subject to criminal charges, even if that person has a valid gun permit.

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