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U.S. Marshals initiate operation to reduce national crime rate

The U.S. Marshals Service has initiated Operation Violence Reduction Seven to nab the most dangerous fugitives, gang members, sex offenders and violent criminals. According to the head of the U.S. Marshal Service, the main aim of the operation is to protect communities and eliminate dangerous criminals from the streets. This initiative is scheduled to last six weeks, so a strategic approach is being used to arrest the maximum number of criminals in a minimum amount of time.

Additionally, the investigators are mainly focusing on multiple offenders wanted for weapons offenses, murders, threats, illegal narcotics use and distribution and assault and battery. The investigative authorities are working in tandem with fugitive task force networks at the regional and local levels.

Furthermore, counter-gang units have also been established in core cities and high population areas. These units were created to provide real-time and ground-level information about criminal activities. The operation has been successful so far, resulting in more than 7,000 arrests in seven cities over a one-month period, including 181 people from Maryland. Most fugitives arrested were repeated offenders.

One other primary objective of the operation is to deploy manpower and address law enforcement needs that are quite limited in some areas. This is not the first time that a special operation like VR7 has been initiated. Local, state and federal agencies have worked together on this issue in the past.

The U.S. Marshal Service director has also said that the service completely supports the criminal justice system and is working with local law enforcement partners at all levels of administration. They are content with the success of the operation so far and know they are doing their best to make communities across America, including those in Maryland's high crime areas, safer.

Source:, "181 Md. fugitives arrested in Operation Violence Reduction Seven," Lisa Robinson, April 17, 2015

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