Do you possess a firearm in Maryland unlawfully?

Do you possess a firearm in Maryland unlawfully?

| Apr 8, 2015 | Weapons Crimes |

Illegal weapon possession in Maryland cannot only pose serious consequences for a resident’s image but it can also wreak havoc on nearly every aspect of the accused’s life. If convicted, the state of Maryland has some stringent laws against felons who possess firearms. Likewise, federal law imposes harsh penalties on people who are convicted of gun crimes.

In an attempt to curb gun violence, U.S. law mandates that all private transfers of guns and assault weapons be done through a licensed arms dealer.

A Maryland resident charged with illegal gun possession, possession of a firearm after previous felony conviction, possession of a firearm after committing a crime, or using a firearm during a crime of violence can be sentenced to a minimum 5 years in jail without parole or 20 years in jail for each offense.

Any resident charged with illegal gun possession should not take the charge lightly. Our law firm has years of experience in dealing with charges pertaining to gun or weapon possession. Our expert criminal defense attorneys are always driven to achieve the best results for our clients. We persevere through the details of each felony weapons case to construct the most advantageous defense.

Our firm will work hard until charges of the unlawful gun possession are dismissed or mitigated. Charges for selling, purchasing and distributing felony weapons are treated with the same determination and grit by our team, which leaves no stone unturned for clients.

Any person arrested on a weapon charge in Maryland will experience difficult and emotional times dealing with these charges. Our firm can provide the needed knowledge and preparation for each step of the case before them. For more information, contact our firm, The Law Offices of James N. Papirmeister, Esq.