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April 2015 Archives

U.S. Marshals initiate operation to reduce national crime rate

The U.S. Marshals Service has initiated Operation Violence Reduction Seven to nab the most dangerous fugitives, gang members, sex offenders and violent criminals. According to the head of the U.S. Marshal Service, the main aim of the operation is to protect communities and eliminate dangerous criminals from the streets. This initiative is scheduled to last six weeks, so a strategic approach is being used to arrest the maximum number of criminals in a minimum amount of time.

Dealing with weapons charges in Maryland

Maryland residents who carry or conceal illegal weapons can face serious felony gun charges. Carrying a gun or explosives in a vehicle is a serious crime. But, carrying a gun or other similar weapon is permitted in certain cases by a member of the military or veteran's service, or for lawful hunting, target practice or training drills, or for jobs involving transportation of guns or weapons.

How do Maryland criminal proceedings work?

A criminal proceeding in Maryland is initiated with the filing of information or a grand jury indictment by the State's Attorney's Office. Subsequently, the defendant is notified about the same and is ordered to appear in the court on a specific date. In some cases, a warrant may also be issued to keep the defendant in custody.

Do you possess a firearm in Maryland unlawfully?

Illegal weapon possession in Maryland cannot only pose serious consequences for a resident's image but it can also wreak havoc on nearly every aspect of the accused's life. If convicted, the state of Maryland has some stringent laws against felons who possess firearms. Likewise, federal law imposes harsh penalties on people who are convicted of gun crimes.

Have a defense lawyer by your side while facing criminal charges

The rights of an accused person in a criminal trial can be highly prejudiced if that person does not have an experienced criminal lawyer defending the case. That may even be truer if the person is accused of a violent crime, which often carries a minimum mandatory sentence. That same situation can occur anywhere in the United States, including in Maryland.

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