Long-term consequences of gun possession in Maryland

Long-term consequences of gun possession in Maryland

| Feb 19, 2015 | Weapons Crimes |

For anyone in Maryland convicted of a criminal offense, the long-term consequences can make life difficult. The conviction can make being hired for a job, getting a loan or finding affordable housing difficult. Illegal gun possession is one crime that can make life especially tough for a convict.

Possessing a gun without a permit, being in possession of a handgun following a felony conviction and using a firearm in the commission of a crime such as illegal drug trafficking, robbery, assault or murder means 5 years of added mandatory prison time without the possibility of parole just for the gun possession charge.

Not all firearms require permits for ownership. Anyone who has not been convicted of a felony can own a shotgun or rifle. Possession of a handgun, however, requires a valid permit issued by the license bureau of the Maryland State Police. Applicants must pass a training course. Certain persons are exempt from these requirements, including peace officers, honorably discharged former military members, employees of armored car companies and certified firearms dealers and instructors. The same requirements for owning a handgun also apply to their rental.

Anyone found to be in illegal possession of a gun without a valid permit or who has been charged with a serious crime involving the use of a handgun faces serious penalties if convicted. In every case, it is wise to talk to a qualified gun possession defense attorney.

An attorney not only can help a defendant work to get illegal gun-possession charges dropped or reduced so that the harshest penalties do not apply. An attorney can also help an applicant get a valid permit if a license or license renewal has been disapproved. Anyone who wants a better understanding of gun-possession charges and remedies in Maryland can visit the website of James N. Papirmeister to find additional helpful information.