Protecting a driver’s privileges and reputation

Protecting a driver’s privileges and reputation

| Jan 9, 2015 | Drunk Driving |

When a Maryland resident is accused of drunk driving, the first thing that most people think of is that they may lose their driving privileges. This means that their license can either be suspended or revoked. However, beyond their driving privileges, Maryland residents can also face the possibility of spending time in jail and paying expensive fines when convicted of a DUI. In this situation, our Silver Spring-based law firm can help residents assert their rights.

Under state laws, a DUI charge can result in a maximum of three years in prison, with subsequent offenses resulting in the revocation of a driver’s license. A driving while impaired charge, on the other hand, despite being a lesser violation, can still result in jail time, suspension or revocation of a driver’s license, a fine and a request for treatment and probation. The stakes are high. However, our law firm has extensive experience in handling such cases.

We have successfully navigated through the outdated drunk driving tests and the complicated laws that come with these tests in order to assert the innocence of our clients. In Maryland, the severity of the offense will be determined by the driver’s blood alcohol content level, any previous DUI or DWI records and the extent of the violation. Residents should know that while a DUI offense is a criminal charge, it could also lead to civil consequences as well. In both situations, however, our experienced lawyers are committed to fully representing our clients.

While we understand that Maryland residents who are facing these kinds of charges are concerned about their driving privileges, we point out that protecting their reputation should be their number one priority. Allegations can blemish the hard-earned reputation of residents, their standing in the community and their present or future employment opportunities. Our lawyers attempt to make sure that a client can move forward with their reputation intact.